Friday, April 30, 2010

Broken Promises...

Darkness reigns as the moon feigns,

It’s glory dominated by my friend,

A company in this quiet night,

A company in its own trend.

Melancholy plays with my memories,

A ruthless game of hide and seek,

I lose myself in my aching head,

Sleepless from a droplet's creek.

Not a new visitor where I sit:

Been here in the times of gloom,

It’s where I hide my paradise,

It’s where I face my doom.

Had been welcomed at your doors

With a dear friend's exclamation

Of roars and claps of happiness:

My usher to sweet intoxication.

You took me in kicking and screaming,

An unconsoled new born bleeding,

You promised you'd stop this beating,

You promised you'd stop me breathing!

Since then I kept returning,

An addict to my drugs I became,

A man dependant on his mistress

For bed related chores of shame.

Hence I come back to you today

With high hopes of the unfulfilled

My head and heart strewn with memories

Today I forgo my cared shield!

But alas! Where are you now?

I look at you but none looks back!

You don’t welcome me now?

I miss the breeze, your usual knack.

I never fathomed your soothing jargon,

Just presumed that you call,

Me into your bottomless self,

But you leave me at my fall!

I sit here where I had before,

And wait for you to show,

The smallest sign of recognition,

The smallest sign that you know!

But not a ripple across your face,

No soothing breeze from your side,

Is this your way of sympathy?

Or have you finally died?

Moments pass with minutes and hours,

You do not come back to me,

I finally lose hope and turn,

You did not answer my plea!

But as I was about to leave

A gentle breeze sings in my ear!

The phantom leaves me to comprehend,

The reason of your behavior.

You need me as I need you,

Though your promise was a feign

I’ll come back always as I do

I’ll come back, my friend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do svidaniya...

Tonight as I was sleeping, I saw a weird dream...that I'm leaving home...leaving everything behind...and when I had left...I saw my mom was crying a lot...dunno whether it was this dream or was it the chennai sleep broke...tried to sleep but couldn' I took out my notebook and wrote this...dedicated to the dream....

Do svidaniya

I did not want to let you down,
Always been me who turned the smile around,
I’m never coming back to this town,
I’m going far away...

Feel sorry for never being sorry,
I’ll be fine mom, please don’t worry,
Will sit and write a day, I wont parry,
I’m going just a little bit far away...

I’m my mother’s only son,
Not so perfect but her only one,
Hold your tears mom, I’m not done,
I’ve got a bottleful to give away...

I was seldom ever truthful to you,
Never loved the sweet morning dew,
Friends I had were forever few,
None will miss me when I’m away...

I had loved that girl since my senior years,
A part of me died, when I saw her tears,
For her, I forsook my weaknesses and my fears,
All that changed when she went away...

Sometimes I had hoped for her to miss
The times, the moments of sweet bliss,
A private stolen sweet salty kiss,
But she had gone too far away...

I had locked up some terrible dreams
Of intimidating thunders and cacophonous screams,
Of blood flowing in rivers and in streams,
Those dreams have yet not gone away...

There was none with whom I shared,
My fears, my smiles, as no one cared,
Neither did I, when I myself erred,
I’ll start over when I’m away...

It’s pitch dark in the night outside,
The waves battle the shingle in high tide,
I bid my time to walk out the door’s wide,
It’s almost time for me to go away...

Right outside the door I see sunrise,
Eventually it’s time for the goodbyes,
I’ll miss my home and you likewise,
Now that you’ve read the letter, I’m already long gone.