Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Come little ones, I beseech you,
Fiddle with my brain,
Harness it and comprehend
Fickle ways to entertain.

Little ones, you play hard to get,
I sit alone in this crowd,
Procrastination abates my libido,
And only you ornate it’s shroud.

Little ones, I yawn and crawl,
And the world does seem all dead!
I give way to my stony eyelids,
To slip into my lofty escapade.

Little ones, you’re here I see,
I’ve found you few at last!
You hide in my sad darkness,
And put weird voices in the vast!

Please little ones, do hold on,
I’d shape you steady and slow.
I find myself and a pen, again,
You hide, hey, where’d you go?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Creativity with a bunch of Firearms

Creativity with a bunch of Firearms

Wait and watch, you miserable thing,
Your world goes down, you’d dare to blink?
Scared and crying, you pray to him,
He won’t listen, he’s dead within,
To whom do you turn, in this hornet’s nest?
A voice in your head, “ Just stab your chest”.

Light your torches, burn your house
Shoot your mother, kill your spouse
Abandon hope, show some violence
Throw a molotov, and bring some silence
Undo all, you’ve done your best
Then slit your throat, and take some rest.

You’re of no use, on this Earth
Ran in circles, a meaningless birth
Meaningless verse, obvious rhymes
Die in your filth, and live in your crimes
A bullet to Adam and Eve, you mind?
I’m just Satan, no axe to grind.