Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Come little ones, I beseech you,
Fiddle with my brain,
Harness it and comprehend
Fickle ways to entertain.

Little ones, you play hard to get,
I sit alone in this crowd,
Procrastination abates my libido,
And only you ornate it’s shroud.

Little ones, I yawn and crawl,
And the world does seem all dead!
I give way to my stony eyelids,
To slip into my lofty escapade.

Little ones, you’re here I see,
I’ve found you few at last!
You hide in my sad darkness,
And put weird voices in the vast!

Please little ones, do hold on,
I’d shape you steady and slow.
I find myself and a pen, again,
You hide, hey, where’d you go?


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  2. Love the last line! (the rest too, but the last line is nice.)