Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Reckoning - Part I

...everything is silent around me.the voices in my head are numb, dull., and thoughts are going quieter by the second and it becomes harder to listen to them. Indistinct and distant, they seem to betray me at the moment. Am I going Sane?? I hope not. I love my insanity, every quiet, disturbing moment of it. Wait... I think I see something in the void... A man... drunk in a sober melancholy...why is he sad? My curiosity awakens...words present themselves to me one by one...some faithful...some...not so much...I cancel them with diary becomes a mess... four lines...that was all...four lines...

Silence was never more a stranger,
Than a loud conjunctive of his being,
and the incidents that became a play,
a fallacy of his morbid routine.

Does it make sense?I don't know about you but it does to me... but it raises a doubt in my head...
the man seems somehow known to me... I feel close to him like a kin or a son...but still, the picture is unclear...the man is still masked by the aura of ambiguity...I wait...for the clouds to clear...

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